AtomX - Log Changes

v3.0.9 Feb 2024
  • Store improvement (added sorting by tags, program)
  • Video Tutorials improvements/fixes
  • New timings for packages
  • Front-end Optimizations
v3.0.8 June 2023
  • New preview loading system (fixed issues with the Not Found error for large packages)
  • Bug fixes for ionestudio/premieregal/spunkram packages
  • Mac OS Transitions fixed (CC22-CC23)
  • A large package of fixes (all revisions from the beginning of the year)
v3.0.7 2023
  • Fixes and improvements for author packages: ionestudio/NeuronFX
  • Fixing transition issues for Premiere Pro on Windows 11
  • Added a new engine for applying presets (MegaMotion package).
  • Added styling for author packages
  • Fixing subscription system issues
v3.0.6 (many updates in one) 2022
  • Extra options for Premiere Pro 2022 & After Effects 2022
  • New customizer options for placeholders (image/video) in After Effects
  • New helper app for transitions in Premiere Pro (on Windows)
  • Fixed issues with applying transitions on Mac OS (need change options to check on)
  • Minor bugs
v3.0.5 2022
  • Added notify about new folders in the packages
  • Extra options for authors
  • New customizer options for MOGRT (Premiere Pro)
v3.0.4 2021
  • Premiere Pro CC2021 Fixes
  • Minor bugs
v3.0.3 2021
  • Premiere Pro CC2020 (v14.7) fixes for MOGRT
  • Optimization for section items (Video Tutorials, Marketplace) - in pop-up windows.
  • Optimization of verify system
v3.0.2 2021
  • Premiere Pro Fixes
  • Design Fixes
  • Minor Fixes
v3.0.1 2021
  • New module for Premiere Pro
  • User help tips for After Effects
  • Correctly auto-sizing preview elements
  • Changed Scaling Sizes for elements
  • Init Fixes for Premiere Pro CC19 (MacOS Catalina)
  • Design Fixes
  • Minor Fixes
v3.0.0 (renamed as AtomX) 2020
  • Absolutely new core and design (rebuild)
  • Multi-plugin: AtomX supported After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Rebuild Customizer (Text Editor too)
  • New Package Manager
  • Faster x3 - than older Atom versions
  • Added images for Retina Displays (MacOS)
  • New encrypt system for packages
  • New Atom Market and notifications
  • Changed Scaling Sizes for elements
  • Core transfered to JS actions instead JSX
  • And much more...
v2.1.6 2020
  • Improved customizer (new Color Picker and responsive design)
  • Manor fixes for design
v2.1.5 2020
  • New system checking of packages (includes DEMO)
  • Fixes problem with inside composition (loop inside comps when duplicated)
v2.1.3 - v2.1.4 2019
  • New system activation of packages (API Service)
  • Fixes with design
v2.1.2 2019
  • Added Audio Equalizer
  • Added Support Audio Files (.WAV)
  • Minor fixes
v2.1.1 2019
  • Design Changes
  • Optimization of core
v2.1 2019
  • Added Atom Market
  • New System of linking to extension
  • New options for packages
v2.0 2019
  • Full Redesign
  • Other Stylization
  • Global Optimization
  • New Interface design
  • Changed Structure of menu (three-level)
v1.0 2019
  • Initial Release