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Commercial & Personal use

Packaged Content

Use AtomX to create your own packages with templates, graphics, audio and other elements for use in Adobe applications.

You can also order the development of your own AtomX-based extension (custom panel name, package format, special options and design).

User-friendly Interface
One Click to Apply
Lots of Content in One Place
Easy to Customize
Protection from Pirates
Full Customer Support
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Simplicity. Convenience. Flexibility.


  • After Effects Projects (.aep) – any compositions
  • Footages (sound fx, videos & images)
  • Any presets (.FFX)
And many more options (follow for the cursor, duplicating of comps, layer sets and etc…)

  • Premiere Pro Projects (.prproj) – transitions/any sequences
  • .MOGRT Files (Motion Graphics Templates exported for AE/PR)
  • Footages (sound fx, videos & images)
  • Auto-sizing for sequences/mogrts (click to read more)
  • Customizer – only for MOGRTs (click to read more)
And many more options (applying items with multi-tracks – transitions, timing offsets, etc…)
After Effects
Premiere Pro
More apps coming soon


To install a new premium package, your customer needs to enter the purchase code obtained after successful payment of the package (any point of sale with the possibility of integration).

Available Integrations

We can add integration for your needs to generate and verify purchase codes (available in plans: Enterprise & Special).
Read more about activation is here.

AtomX Market

AtomX has a built-in market. You can add your packages to the store using the admin panel, provided the tariff plan is Pro and higher.

All users will receive a notification about a new package/update right in the extension!


Users can view videos of products, see product requires, try for free (if the author added a demo version) or go to purchase a package.


For Enterprise & Special pricing plans, you can use an individual market only with your items and notifications for your customers (for other pricing plans – this market is global for all authors by default).
With the individual market, you also can sell the templates, scripts, and other items (we can add more sections).

The market is synchronized with our API Servers – more about the market is here.

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Subscription Model

If you are planning a subscription service, then we have already implemented it!

Your client receives a special token (thanks to integration*) when paying for a subscription on your site, which is used to log in to the extension and download everything he wants right in the extension store!

The system checks the status of his subscription when downloading, and then automatically installs the package. If the client's subscription ends, he will not be able to use the packages downloaded by subscription.

With the subscription system, the customer will also be able to install regular packages (with verification of the purchase code).

This option is available only for Enterprise & Special tariff plans.

* Currently only available for WordPress WooCommerce Plugin, however we can add integrations for other systems as well.


Thanks to the fact that you can add your own image of the header - all the packages look unique and attract attention!

Also you have will custom links to your portfolio / package details.

For pricing plan Special you can change any links inside the extension / get a personal visual style (any colors, design blocks, and even custom extension name).
Read more info about stylization is here.

AtomX Customizer

Your users can use the customizer to change colors, sliders, checkboxes, other settings and also edit text layers directly from the AtomX (effects will parsing automatically from layer with options, includes pseudo-effects)

Now edit your templates more easily and faster – your customers will appreciate it!

Read more info about the customizer is here.

Admin Center

Admin Center is a management system for your packages, codes, store items right through the browser!
This works due to the fact that the extension is synchronized with our servers and is in constant communication with it.

  • Statistics of the activations/clicks
  • Can generate custom activation codes
  • Add/change items in the AtomX market
  • Get list of customer emails to use in your promotion campaign
  • See invoices and fee details
  • Affiliate System

Click here to get more information about the Admin Center.

Affiliate System

Invite new authors using your referral link and get 50% of the royalties from the all invited authors!

Both package authors and people who are not related to packages can attract new authors and receive remuneration!

All calculations take place in the admin center, and the amount of profit depends directly on the income of the authors involved (from all their packages).

Go to the affiliate program inside the admin center.

Customer support

Solving issues and Bug fixes

We undertake full customer support, and solutions to any problems with our extension.

Author support

Documentation and Tips

It's easy to create your first package thanks to detailed documentation, video tutorials and example of packages.
In case of any problems, you can contact us for support or advice.

Pricing Plans

The list does not include a Non-business plan, because it is completely free for personal / team use.
Tariff plans with a down payment (Pro, Enterprise, and Special) require payment only after creating and activating the package in the Admin Center.

+30%/of each sale
  • 24/7 Support
  • Default Stylization
  • API Verification
  • Place in the Market
  • Place in the Video Tutorials
  • Analytics
  • Custom Options
  • Special Conditions
  • Individual Internal Market
+15%/of each sale
  • 24/7 Support
  • Default Stylization
  • API Verification
  • Place in the Market
  • Place in the Video Tutorials
  • Analytics
  • Custom Options
  • Special Conditions
  • Individual Internal Market
+9%/of each sale
  • 24/7 Support
  • Extra Stylization
  • API Verification
  • Place in the Market
  • Place in the Video Tutorials
  • Analytics
  • Custom Options
  • Special Conditions
  • Individual Internal Market
Discussed Price

For those who want to create a really large and expandable business using our extension.

All bonuses from Enterprise and much more.

Also, we can create a special extension (CEP panel) / or add a custom design of the panel for your projects, integration with any payment systems on the core of AtomX (support may be charged separately).

What is net income?

We take a percentage of the sale only from the net income.
Thus, you do not overpay extra sales taxes through stores.

Example: (39$ / 100) * 70% = 27.3$ your net income
  • 39$ - project cost
  • 70% - your payout (from third party store)

How does the calculation work?

Our system automatically calculates your payment percentage (by collecting sales data from integrated stores), and you can see it in Invoices (You need to be authorized to view).

Invoices are issued on the 1st day of each month.

Can I change chosen plan in the future?

Yes, of course, you can change at any time, but the changes will take effect on the 1st of the next month.

To switch to the tariff plan above, you must pay a one-time difference between the price of the current tariff and the new one (thus you do not need to pay the entire lump sum for the new tariff).

Can I get special options in the extension?

For Enterprise & Special tariff plans, you can get up to two additional options related to expansion-completely free of charge.
If you have your own business and other tasks, we can discuss any improvements.

Authors with the tariff plans (Free & Pro) will also be able to use them with your approval.
Any options that go beyond the borders can be added for a fee - for all tariff plans (discussed separately).

Can I use the extension for personal use / a small team?

Of course, you can use the extension and pay nothing - free access.
However, you will not be able to sell these packages - only use them for reproducing other templates (final renderers).
Click here to see more about personal use / a small team.

In any case, you need to be registered in the admin center, however, when creating a package, specify the tariff plan as Non-business.

Can I sell on my website and generate activation codes?

Sure. At the moment we have an integration (plugin for WordPress WooCommerce) to sell products with a package, and even products by subscription - your site will start generating activation codes for packages.
Click here to see more about WordPress WooCommerce Plugin.

If you have a self-written website or another CMS (not WordPress), contact us to discuss integration for your site.

Do you have an affiliate system?

Yes, just invite new authors and earn 50% of all the author's royalty - in passive mode.
If you also sell your packages, you can reduce the amount of tax due to partner payments.

Payments are made from $50 on the 15th of the next month. All calculations take place in our admin panel, for this you will need to register.

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